Office magic – affirmations

Every working day I enter a password and log into my workstation. I repeat this process multiple times a day, since I have a habit of locking the workstation when leaving the desk. (You get into that habit after working with geeks who like practical jokes). Every time I log in, I have to type in the same phrase. Additionally, due to local password policy I’m forced to change this phrase every so often.

Doesn’t this remind you of something else? That’s exactly how you’re supposed to do affirmations: write them down many times every day, but change them from time to time to prevent them from going stale and automatic. So why not set your password to a phrase that you want to commit to your unconscious? That way you can have a long password that is also easy to remember.

I wonder what else could be used in a similar way? Wallpapers? User icons?

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